Saturday, 22 July 2017


Mukesh Ambani has made a lot of publicity for consumers today in Reliance Industries Limited’s AGM. Reliance Jio has made a big announcement to launch a smartphone in free. This announcement has once again led to the collapse of the Telecom Industry. Here are five big things to know.
1. The Jio Phone Launch
The phone has been launched by the Geo Phone. It is being said that the pre-booking of this phone will start on August 24. When you can come in handy in September. The phone will be free, but before that you have to deposit a deposit of up to 1500 rupees. Which will be refunded after 3 years. The company claims that there are 100 percent 4G VoLTE phones.

2. Digital Media Vision will be complete.
In this meeting Mukesh Ambani said that this phone is full of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s digital media vision. People will also be able to connect their bank accounts, public accounts with this phone. Every Geo phone will be made in India from the last quarter.
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3. Get Unlimited Call and Data
Mukesh Ambani says that Gio phones will get an offer to use unlimited data. With a wealthy plan of Rs 153, you will get unlimited calls and data for Geo Phone users. Also the voice call will always be free on the GEO network.
4. Features like 4G internet speed in the phone
Once this feature phone launches, once again the Reliance user base is hoping to be strong. This phone can be viewed on Jio TV and Jio Cinema. Apart from this, the phone can also offer features such as internet browsing, video calling and 4G internet speed. This phone can be free to call through the Geo Network. Geo phones also feature a TV cable. This phone can be connected to any TV and seen in the TV.
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5. India left America and China behind – Mukesh Ambani
Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani has claimed that after the launch of Geo, India has left the US and China behind the use of mobile internet. Ambani said that the use of internet data has increased from 20 million GB in the past six months to 120 million GB.

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