Friday, 21 July 2017


Hello friends …

Many aspects of technology with mathematics and science are placed here. These teachers, students and the general public useful.Useful
information here today, have come to that link online. This information
is useful to all. We require cuntanikarda everyday life, Aadhaar cards,
ration card etc.. So now you can see their information online. Now it
has been made easy with the smartphone and the Internet. So save this
post is useful to keep in daily operation. Several things for you? The
information and links are put down.
(1) Election List  your
name, order number, part number search. Just you need to do your
cuntanikarda number. If it is not able to find anything from your name.
Click below

(2) Find
your name and card number online. Choose your district, taluka and
village after clicking Go on the following link. Then click on the
number of ration cards will show a list of the entire village. Click
(3) Learn
Aadhaar cards Status. You have Aadhaar cards kadhavyu from your nearest
place to reach even by post at home. If you do not know what has become
of Aadhaar cards. This allows you to see who will receive the
registration number 14 Stats. Click below.
(4) Aadhaar
cards to link with the gas connection of the bank will give you a copy.
Do you know whether there was a link, click on the following link. You
will see the number of Aadhaar cards.
(5) Know your pan card status. if pan card approved?

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