Saturday, 22 July 2017

40th Annual General Meeting of Reliance Industries Limited has begun in Mumbai.

Annual General Meeting of Reliance Industries Limited has begun in Mumbai. In the AGM, Mukesh Ambani said that the profit of RIL has increased 10-fold in 40 years. RIL has become the largest company in the country. The company’s revenues have gone up to 3.60 lakh crore rupees.
In AGM, Mukesh Ambani said that 4G phones have been announced for free. For this 4G feature phone, a deposit of Rs 1500 will be taken, however the deposit will be returned to the customer within 3 years. The phone can be started from August 25.
Geo announced the cheapest 4G phone
Akash and Esha Ambani launched the phone
Geo phone meets Prime Minister Modi’s dream of Digital India and Smart India: Akshay Ambani
An app like Geo Cinematic, Geo TV will already be in the phone: Akshay Ambani

PINK alert will be activated on dialing number 5: Mukesh Ambani
Voice call and search feature in Geo Phone: Mukesh Ambani
You can send a message from Geo Voice service to this feature phone, you can also call: Mukesh Ambani
Geo phones also feature a TV cable. This phone can be connected to any TV by watching TV: Mukesh Ambani
GEO phones will allow customers to use unlimited data: Mukesh Ambani
Call on Geo phone will always be free: Mukesh Ambani
Rupee will also be transferred from your account to Geo Phone this year: Mukesh Ambani
Geo phone will be fully med in India: Mukesh Ambani
Geo Phone will have 22 languages: Mukesh Ambani
Pre-booking customers will soon get a Geo phone: Mukesh Ambani
Gio phones will get data at cheaper rates: Mukesh Ambani
GEO phone will get the full month’s positive offer of Rs 153 a month: Mukesh Ambani
Geo phone can connect to the TV: Mukesh Ambani
Mukesh Ambani gets 50 lakh phones every week
Geo phone trail will start from August 15: Mukesh Ambani
To deposit the security of 1500 rupees for Geo phones, which will be refurbished: Mukesh Ambani
Geo Phone is India’s most intelligent smartphone: Mukesh Ambani
Geo launches 2 plan:
The tariff plan for 2 days on Geo phone will be 24 rupees and weekly plan will be 54 rupees.
GEO will charge Rs 309 per month to watch TV: Mukesh Ambani
Until September, Geo will have 10000 customer service centers across the country: Mukesh Ambani
GeoGen’s 4G coverage is more than 2G coverage: Mukesh Ambani
Geo ranked No. 1 in the last 5 months of the TRAI Speed Test Portal: Mukesh Ambani
Geo Feature Phone Will Eliminate Customers’ Data Harassment: Mukesh Ambani
Feature phone customers can not access cheap data: Mukesh Ambani
Geo Prime Prime subscribers will get the benefit of a wealth offering: Mukesh Ambani
There are 78 million mobile phones in India. In which 50 crore feature phones are used: Mukesh Ambani
Geo is the world’s largest network in six months: Mukesh Ambani
India has pushed America and China into mobile data usage: Mukesh Ambani
India is ahead of China, India is number one in mobile data usage: Mukesh Ambani
Geo World’s Largest Mobile Video Network: Mukesh Ambani
250 million minutes of calls are being made daily from Geo: Mukesh Ambani
Geo’s customer akela uses 125 million gigabytes of data per month: Mukesh Ambani
We are grateful to PM Modi, who has benefited from the technology of the country’s digital India: Mukesh Ambani
We have allowed geo users to call in any corner of the world: Mukesh Ambani
Geo added 7 new customers per second: Mukesh Ambani
100 million customers joined with Geo in 170 days: Mukesh Ambani
Rio Geo has only been 10 months, Geo broke every record after one: Mukesh Ambani
Mukesh Ambani, Reliance Industries’ gain over 10 thousand times in 40 years: Mukesh Ambani
In 40 years, the number of Reliance employees increased to 2,50,000: Mukesh Ambani
4700% growth in 40 years: Mukesh Ambani
Today our annual turnover is Rs 3,30,000 crore: Mukesh Ambani
In just 4 decades, Reliance has become one of the world’s largest companies by a small startup: Mukesh Ambani
40th Annual General Meeting of Reliance Industries Limited has begun in Mumbai.
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