Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Gujarat Gaun Seva Pasandgi Mandal (GSSSB) Sub Accountant / Sub Auditor Call Letter Notification 2017

Advertisement No.: 84/01 01617
According to the online advertisement for the direct recruitment of "Sub-Accountant / Sub-Auditor" class-3 cadre by Gujarat Secondary Service Selection Board, on line 84, 01617. The written examinations are scheduled for 11-15 days between 11-15-2014 to 14-00 hours. Candidates will have their online admission-letter (call letter) and instructions for the candidates for the lunch hour 01 -00-2012 from 11:00 to 017 in the evening from 14-00 hours on 01-06-2007, https: //ojas.gujarat. The website has to be downloaded from the website. Instructions for candidates can be obtained from the board's website at
Entry Card - To receive "Letter" (Coal Letter) candidates (for download) candidates first computer;
. First of all go to the web site.
. Now click on "Call Letter". After that click on the job Select ad number: 84/01 01617 by typing "confirmation number" and "birth date" and clicking ok will print your call letter in a separate window. It is mandatory for the candidates to print the instructions for the download.
. Before print of Call Letter from the Ojas website, it is necessary to setup the A4 size setup in the computer attached to the printer.
. Candidate who has got the confirmation number after confirming the on-line application and the birth date shown in the application, will have to type in the website to get the entry. Only the admission-sheet will be downloaded. The responsibility of the candidate is.
. For the direct recruitment of class-3 affiliation, on the online line of advertisement: No. 84/07 01617, contact number of the control room of the board regarding the call letter download: 079323304/5367 7 Office hours (10-30 to 6) Candidates should take note to contact) except for a public holiday. At the time of written examination, it is compulsory to present a letter of letter letter-attendance print.

. Candidates who have filed an application and have paid the fee, if the call-letter is not downloaded, the candidates will be able to contact the office within 10:30 to 6:10 (except public holidays) during the office hours at the Mandal's office.
. Entry-Letter (Coal Letter) will be in Gujarati language if translated into any other language will not be accepted.
All other things mentioned in the March 7/10/2016 Announcement of the Board remain unchanged.

Gujarat Gaun Seva Pasandgi Mandal (GSSSB) Sub Accountant / Sub Auditor Call Letter Notification 2017
 Notification : Click Here
Download Call Latter: Click here
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